Cellular Rejuvenation System


Power Your Peak Life is a science-based wellness program

Power Your Peak Life is a science-based wellness program combining the most powerful elements of coaching with lifestyle medicine modalities, neuro-associative conditioning, and digital delivery to produce a powerful solution. Power Your Peak Life program includes Cellular Rejuvenation System for Optimal Health and Vitality.

Cellular Rejuvenation Formula

Discover the formula every women over 40 is Using To Hack Their Hormones, To Burn Fat WITHOUT Deprivation, Fancy Diets, Expensive Treatments or Killing Yourself At The Gym

Imagine achieving optimal health with a simple 7-step roadmap that will help you attain vitality and limitless energy in the body you deserve.

With these steps, you can restore your body's natural ability to heal and get your body back into balance.


Program Step #1 of 7

Discover powerful tools and strategies to become a master of yourself.

Learn step-by-step how to build lasting change and break self-destructive habits with the neuroscience of habits and how to condition your mind to respond better.

You'll learn how to put yourself in a better state of mind so you can achieve any goal.

With consistent atomic habits, neuro-associative conditioning, and a positive mindset, you'll be ready to create massive action in your journey to optimal health without willpower and self-sabotage.


Program Step #2 of 7

Unlike generic diets that are one-size fits all, this step is designed to help you optimize your metabolic health and cellular energy through nutrient-dense meals that fuel your body with vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients considering your dietary preferences.

You'll learn the science behind a nutritarian anti-inflammatory way of eating that helps keep blood sugar regulated and promote weight loss!

Don't worry if you're not a master chef or just don't have time to cook. With our Lego Meal Preparation Framework you'll be able to whip up delicious, nutritious meals in a fraction of the usual cooking-time.

It takes all the guesswork out of creating meals as you learn to combine different food groups into balanced and nutrient-dense options.

Say goodbye to recipes, long shopping lists of ingredients, and time wasted in the kitchen! This revolutionary system is your new go-to kitchen assistant!


Program Step #3 of 7

Learn the Cellular Detox process to boost your body's natural ability to remove toxins at the cellular level to prevent chronic disease, slow down premature aging, increase energy, and improves mental clarity.

Apply proven Cellular Detox strategies to open your detoxification pathways, helping flush out toxins, repairing your cells, restoring cellular energy, reducing cellular inflammation, and repairing your DNA.


Program Step #4 of 7

This step will help you to build stress management skills.

You’ll learn how to recognize and assess the negative effects of stress in your life, allowing you to identify warning signs before they become overwhelming.

You’ll discover effective strategies to control stress and apply these strategies in your daily life.

You will be able to use good stress to help you achieve a healthier lifestyle.


Program Step #5 of 7

This step of the program helps you get better sleep at night. You’ll learn tools to help you control your sleep-wake cycle. This will help you get enough restful sleep every night and have more energy during the day.

Additionally, this step will help address any health problems that come from not getting enough sleep.

You’ll get the knowledge and tools needed to improve your sleep and overall health.


Program Step #6 of 7

Emotional fitness is a powerful tool to help you take control of your mental health. You'll learn specific strategies that enable you to manage stress, increase confidence, and sharpen up the way you handle difficult situations.

With this step in place, get ready for improved emotional strength as well as greater resilience when it comes to managing emotions - unlocking an overall better sense of wellbeing!


Program Step #7 of 7

In this step, you will learn a proven exercise framework that will help you understand how to train today so you can live a better life when you are 80, 90, or even 100 years old.

This framework is based on longevity research. By using the Centenarian Olympics (CO) workouts, you can reduce your risk of age-related health decline.

You’ll also find out how to track specific metrics that will help improve your fitness level so that you can live longer, stronger, more agile, and cognitively fit!

From day one of the program, you'll be heading straight towards your fitness goals as each passing day helps build upon those healthy habits.

Proven System For Remarkable Results

Unleash Your Potential with Our Proven Framework for Remarkable Results

What Results Should I Expect From Power Your Peak Life in 90 days

Our proven System for Remarkable Results equips you with the tools, knowledge, and strategies needed to embark on a successful wellness journey. With a comprehensive scientific approach, lifestyle medicine modalities, evidence-based resources, and the Neuro-Associative Conditioning Mastery framework, you can break free from self-destructive habits, build empowering alternatives, and condition your brain for enduring change. This system paves the way for your success in achieving your wellness goals, enabling you to unlock your full potential and experience remarkable results on your path to a healthier, happier life.

What You Get

Cellular Rejuvenation System

1. Cellular Rejuvenation Formula™

A 7-Step Scientific Roadmap for healing, weight loss, energy, vitality, peak performance, and safeguarding against top health threats in the US.

It including the following frameworks: Optimal Nutrition, Cellular Detox, Sleep Optimization, Stress Management, Emotional Intelligence, Exercise Physiology

2. Evidence-Based Toolkit

Tools, tutorials, habits, routines, recipes, shopping & supplement lists, workouts, trackers, podcasts, summaries, and Cellular Rejuvenation Formula™ slides for practical wellness achievements.

3. Medical-Led Supervision

Elevate Your Health with Personalized Medical Expertise. Unlock a new level of well-being with Personalized Medical Led Supervision. Receive tailored health guidance from a holistic MD, backed by comprehensive "Total Wellness Spectrum" bloodwork, and in depth personalized biomarker analysis. Gain valuable insights into your metabolic health with a CGM prescription, allowing you to take charge of your health journey like never before

4. 5-Star Implementation

In just 2 days, you'll have a clear, step-by-step plan, and be ready to shed unwanted weight, achieve a balanced gut microbiome, eliminate toxins, experience enhanced skin and digestion, boost immunity, and enjoy boundless energy. You'll also notice improved focus, better brain function, and optimized hormone levels, all thanks to our holistic approach.

In our exclusive two day Workshop we take you on a guided journey through the Cellular Rejuvenation System, a revolutionary scientific blueprint dedicated to enhancing your health and extending your lifespan by repairing your cells. This comprehensive approach is personalized , not one size fits all, ensuring you regain your health and vitality, so you can look and feel absolutely amazing!

5. Neuro-associative Mastery

Learn and implement techniques to build empowering neural pathways, change mindset, and eliminate self-destructive patterns to achieve success and never get back to your previous you.

6. Lego Meal Preparation Framework

Learn and implement our effective for quick, recipe-free preparation of balanced glucose-regulating and anti-inflammatory meals in 10-15 minutes.

7. Coaching And Accountability

Unlock the secret to success with our Optimal Health Academy. Get your questions answered during our weekly coaching sessions. Breakthrough when you are stuck and continue executing with confidence. Get daily support in our private chat. Elevate your experience with private coaching when you sign up for our concierge service with our master coach and holistic MD. With this level of accountability and coaching, you'll be empowered to achieve your health and wellness goals like never before.

8. Advanced Cellular Health Detox System

Speed up your results with the 90 Day True Cellular Detox System by Systemic Formulas. It is specifically designed to support the detoxification of organs, detox the cells, and remove toxins from your body and brain. The 3 True Cellular Detox Program phases were formulated to heal the trillions of cells in your body, decrease free radicals, and decrease chronic cellular inflammation.

The body has its own innate ability to remove toxins. When we become overburdened with toxins, a couple of things will happen. The onslaught of toxins in today's world may be happening faster than the body can remove them, requiring a true cellular detox. When this occurs, both disease and unwanted symptoms will begin to present themselves.

The Three Phases of the True Cellular Detox Program include:

Prep Phase: Strengthen downstream natural cellular detox pathways to support toxin removal.

Body Phase: Removes toxins at the cellular level and sets up a concentration gradient to move toxins from deeper tissue stores (i.e. brain)

Brain Phase: Clears deeper bio-accumulated neurotoxins that lead to most symptoms.Note: All three components andt hree phases should be implemented for lasting results.

During this 90 Day Detox, you'll experience a deep cellular cleanse, purging unwanted toxins from your body, a
restoring of your cell membranes, and a decrease of inflammation.


  • 90-day supplements

  • Step-by-step videos on how to take the cellular detox supplements

  • Cellular Healing Diet


➕ BONUS #1: BreathRhythm:Unlocking Serenity with Dr. Rustamova Monthly Workshop

Master techniques to improve respiratory health and leverage breath control for relaxation. Boost stamina, manage stress, and cultivate mindfulness in daily life.

➕ BONUS #2: Emotional Release Monthly Workshop

Dive deep into understanding and managing emotions using evidence-based techniques. Address root causes of emotional distress and promote emotional intelligence.

➕ BONUS #3: FYSM YOGA Monthly Workshop With Certified Trainer

Experience FYSM Monthly Workshop, tailored for modern individuals seeking holistic well-being. This methodology prioritizes security, efficiency, and simplicity, with a special focus on pain removal. Achieve your goals, from gaining strength and flexibility to weight loss and emotional balance, in a safe, streamlined manner. 


(Only 10 Seats Available)

➕ BONUS #4: Six Month Optimal Health Academy Membership

Total of 6 month access to the Optimal Health Academy. Move with your own pace in our Optimal Health Academy.

It Sounds Incredible, But How Much Does it Cost?

At this point, you’ve likely spent THOUSANDS of dollars on:

Doctor’s visits

Consultations with specialists

Blood tests

Digital entire Master Blueprint System Guide

Prescription medicines

Diet programs

Workout programs

Supplements and pills

There’s a Better Way Forward.

Optimized Health - Your Cells Free Of Toxins

Which means: reduced inflammation, desired weight, metabolic health, healthy microbiome, deep sleep, limitless energy, sharp focus, great physical mobility, and performance.

Consistent Habits without Self-Sabotage and Overwhelm

So that you can fully take control of your life

Rockstar Resilience

And Stamina

To become that person who’s always in a state of calm and effectiveness



So you can be in tune with your own emotions and the people around you


This Is Not For You If...

​ You want a magic pill

​ You are not ready to prioritize yourself and your health

​ You don't want to let go of your excuse

You are not 100% committed to your transformation